Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nylon Smile


I welcomed my parents into my new city with one goal in mind: to make them like Los Angeles. I have that goal with all visitors, but it’s especially important with them, since they’re my parents and all. Over the course of three days they would grow to love Los Angeles, hate it, then love it again, as is the usual course for visitors and dwellers alike.

Upon their arrival, I took them on an accidental tour of east LA, but skillfully managed to navigate out of there before they were able to gauge the sketchiness of the situation. Moving through other activities with similar pluck, I even agreed to go on a tour of the movie star homes. We saw a lot of celebrities’ property that we could never, not in a trillion years, afford, but it was relaxing to be driven around by someone else for a change. Especially after being the chauffer to not one but two backseat drivers, their caring suggestions and lovable observations flowing in stereo for three whole days.


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