Monday, February 25, 2008

Don’t Cry Baby…It’s Only a Movie

I take the Oscars very seriously. Watching the ceremony with a large crowd is insufferable, except that’s what people do in this town. So I was not about to turn down an invite to the Away from Her party. Hosted at the Spark Woodfire Grill in Beverly Hills, with three full floors of TVs, a buffet dinner, and several open bars, it was not too shabby. In fact, it was refreshing to watch the show with “industry” folks because everybody in that crowd watches the show with full hearted commitment.

The disappointment was felt when Julie Christie didn’t take the statue, yet the party continued. There was a dessert reception immediately following the show, where we were free to do all the requisite networking mumbo jumbo. For dessert there was tiramisu served in mini chocolate cups. With a meager attempt at responsibility, we left at a reasonable hour, only to find out later that Julie Christie and Sarah Polley showed up only an hour after our departure. Yes, it’s exceptionally lame that a 67-year-old stayed out later than we did, but ships in the night and all that.


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