Friday, October 05, 2007

Grow Grow Grow


Is it sick that I actually get a thrill from going on job interviews? Because I’ve been going on quite a lot lately and I just can’t seem to get enough. And since I’ve been blindly sending my resume out to anybody I can get my hands on, the results have been varied.

Sometimes, I get called in to interview for a job that I have no recollection of applying to, and therefore no idea of what I am actually interviewing for, which makes for a delicate meeting. That’s usually when I spend the first ten minutes tap dancing around questions, before figuring out that I have no need whatsoever for the job. At which point, it’s time for me to finagle my way out of the interview.

Or, just for kicks, I sat through 45 minutes of an informational interview, before realizing I was in Pierce Brosman’s office, movie star not present.

And then there are interviews for jobs that I never knew I wanted, until it becomes the sole basis of my desire for an entire week.

That’s when I end up sitting in the Hitchcock theatre on the Universal Studios lot with a big-deal producer/director who is too distracted by the sound mixing board to really focus on the interview, except when he points out that if I am to work for him, I should know that he’s a low maintenance guy with high maintenance needs.

Or I find myself in a shi-shi West Hollywood coffee shop, with a successful Creative Executive, carrying on what I perceive to be a solid conversation about our respective hobbies and families. That is, until we are parting ways and she lets this bomb drop: “Well, good luck in LA, keep your chin up.”

Good luck in LA. Keep your chin up. Really? Because my chin is already up and it’s been that way for a couple of weeks now. And I wanted to tell her that. I also wanted to tell her that she’s making a huge mistake in not hiring me based on my lack of “industry” experience.

But I didn’t tell her any of those things. Instead, I took my overpriced Moroccan mint iced tea, and drove away, after inserting this new device I bought that allows me to talk while I drive. That’s when I call my best friend and tell her all of the things I wanted to tell the Executive.


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