Thursday, October 04, 2007

Song for a Future Generation

My good buddy, Bree, was in town from Seattle for a couple of days with her ramshackle pop band, Tacocat. Sadly enough, their LA show fell through, but we did get to catch up over pizza for a couple of hours before they headed off to their next show in Davis. Here's a little account of life on the road with Tacocat:

I had spent the afternoon silk screening our band t-shirts with Megan from Don’t Stop Believin’ Records. It has a dolphin on a walker, but the dolphin isn’t crippled. It’s just the only way it can walk on land. I also make several dozen pairs of cat ears as a cheap, gimmicky way to make some gas money since we don’t have a record to sell yet. Ears sell like hotcakes.


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