Monday, October 29, 2007

Over the Ice

Friday night was a birthday party at Liberace's old penthouse in West Hollywood. Hollywood birthday parties are funny because it's hard to believe that someone could really have over 400 friends, but apparently there are friends and then there are "industry friends." Either way, I could get used to going to parties where old celebrities used to reside. The penthouse offered a sweeping view of the city, a lima bean-shaped pool with an entwining bird fountain, and a gigantic fireplace. But the best part was walking into the flamboyant entertainer's old bathroom, where you're greeted with five million reflections of yourself, as every inch of the room is mirrored.

Saturday, dressed as the Sun-Maid, I co-hosted a Halloween party that was a little more down to earth, but just as much fun. People in Los Angeles really know how to do Halloween, since the combination of actors, makeup artists, etc. guarantee for an eye catching costume selection. What I like best about these fetes, though, is that with all the craftspeople on the guest list, there's the knowledge that at any given moment, a movie could be thrown together. Also, there was a pinata, which made me decide that I can only co-host a party if a pinata is involved.


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