Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cowgirl in The Sand


So I went home for the extended holiday break where I watched countless episodes of Jeopardy with my grandmother. My grandmother has reached that fragile stage in her life wherein she can answer almost every question on that show, yet finds it trying to remember what time the show appears each night or, for that matter, what channel she should navigate to on the remote control.

Anyway, there was one episode that featured the category 'American Cities'. It was in the beginning of the thirty minute segment, so the contestants were quick with their buzzers, cocky in their braininess and greedy with the idea of securing an added Christmas bonus.

One competitor, a professor in a checkered button down shirt, from somewhere in the Midwest, declared "I'll take 'American Cities' for $200, Alex."

And Alex Tribec, who never seems to age at all, recited the following clue:

"They say that if you can make it in this American city, you can make it anywhere."

Without giving it a second thought, the professor pounced on his buzzer and answered:

"What is Phoenix!"


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