Monday, December 18, 2006

Sea of Blasphemy

Last weekend, I was voluntarily confined to the Lower East Side. There was one night out with an old, old friend and her new, British husband (green card in tote), and another night with college friends -- eight of us made the jump from Seattle to New York -- within the same three blocks. Sushi dinners and Xmas sweaters were included.

Sunday night was the Big Lebowski fest in Ozone Park, Queens. Now, that's a commitment of a commute. But it was worth it just to see The Dude, etc. in all of their glorious forms, although French fries for dinner and White Russians for dessert does not make for a very pleasant Monday.

Somewhere in there, on Saturday night, a girl (diamond ring, left hand finger) who had one too many drinks for my taste, turned to me and said, "You need to grow up and settle down," which is probably the most boring piece of advice I've ever received. I mean, honestly.


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