Friday, December 15, 2006

When You Get Right Down To It

Because Adam now works for Gizmodo, we went to the Gawker Christmas party at the Belgrade, which is a bar that is so new, it doesn't even have a sign yet. I have to admit, the Gawker party was not nearly as scandalous as I expected. It was kind of like any other office Christmas party: a bit mild at first until people start to take full advantage of the open bar.

Even then, I was underwhelmed by how bland those bloggers are in their holiday festivities. The most galvanizing part of the party was when I overheard a bit of juicy gossip in the ladies room. I guess I should be impressed by Nick Denton, "the Hugh Hefner of bloggers," but he seemed just like any other dude to me. If I were another type of person, I would have walked right up to Jessica Coen and told her how much I admire her and how Gawker has gone straight down the tubes since she left, but I'm not.

Thankfully, once the bloggers cleared out, another party started for A Touch of Class Recordings. This is a record label that I'm pretty excited about because not only do they have an extensive group of music on their bill, but they also know how to throw a party. And it doesn't take much, really, just a DJ to get people out of their tight knit little networking circles and onto the dance floor.


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