Monday, November 13, 2006

Instant Hit

Last weekend was an arts salon with a stale audience, in a ritzy SoHo apartment, where I kind of spilled a beer onto an oriental rug (estimated retail value: $14,000) because I am classy like that. In order to save our Friday night from total ruin, we took a late night trip out to the Royal Oak in Brooklyn, where we danced for three hours straight, and had 5AM grilled cheese sandwiches at Kellog’s diner.

There was also a catch up dinner with my favorite Bostonian and a Martha Dumptruck Massacre show, at the Lucky Cat, for a gathering that looked like a Myspace top 8 come to life. That was it for Saturday, though, as I was up to rise uncharacteristically early (9:30 !) on Sunday, in order to volunteer at the soup kitchen (seriously).


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