Thursday, November 02, 2006

ToneBank Jungle

Seasonably, Halloween segues directly into a little slobber fest of a music festival. First up was a wayward trip to the Canal Room for Holy Fuck, which I know I've gushed over before but you'll have to excuse me once again. Fine, maybe four times is a lot to see a band, but I simply cannot get enough of these Canadians. Imagine: if Can played techno and their headline read, "Find something in the trash...plug it in."

Next was a brief taco break before heading over to Brooklyn for the Finger on the Pulse showcase at Galapagos. Like me, these guys are reluctant to give up Halloween, as they were featuring free zombie face painting. The Harlem Shakes put on an excellent show and those CSS girls are nuts.

CMJ grants me not only the opportunity to see some of my favorites in town from Seattle, but also the chance to see an excessive amount of music congested within a few days. Visitors from Seattle attend the festival under the guise of work and so it is all I can do to pretend that I am working, too.


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