Friday, November 03, 2006

The Monster is Loose


OK, now I am just beating Halloween with a stick. Last night was an evening in three acts.

Act One: Meat Loaf, live on Broadway, performing Bat out of Hell (7:45-10:30pm)

That's right. You might wonder, with this influx of Up&Coming spewing across the city for the week, why would one waste time with an old washed up fatty? Because it's the Loaf and I am not one to pass up $100 tickets to see him perform in all of his stumbling, boundless grandeur with a twenty-seven piece orchestra. In fact, I'm still digesting the magnificence of this show, so to speak, and I'm not even prepared to write about it at the moment.

Act Two: Three piece improv tourney at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre (11pm-12:30am)

Oh wow, I like having funny friends. (Is there even a point to having friends who don't make you laugh?) Especially handy is knowing a group of boys who can take one word, seven minutes, and three chairs and turn it all into a riotous skit based around the puppet reenactment of 9/11.

Act Three: The Black Lips at the Cake Shop (1:00-3:00am)

Another over hyped band at an overcrowded venue with an overly pretentious hipster crowd and a certain over the boards friend who was supposed to show up at 1:00, but didn't arrive until 1:45, which left me waiting around on one of the first cold nights of the year, pissed off, to say the least.

And with that, Halloween is officially spent, as is my energy level for the week. It's fine, though, because I'll just catch up on my sleep this weekend.

((I just lied on my own blahg.))


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