Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Burn 2 Ash

A Flavorpill party is exactly what you would expect: excessive yet culturally filtered.

There were rooms after rooms of very drunk people in costume, text messages every ten minutes, informing when/where the next band was playing, and an amazing set by CSS.

The only costumes I remember include: Amelia Earhart (back from the dead, again), Jack (minus Jill), a boxer and her trainer, a German barmaid, a Bible salesman, a paper doll, Sid & Nancy, Frida Kahlo, a giant, the dead Crocodile Hunter (stingray included), an exact replica of Bjork's swan dress, and a monkey with detachable ears.

Although only three people guessed my costume right away, I still stand by my decision to dress as YouTube.

Now. Why can't we celebrate Halloween at least once a month?


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