Monday, October 30, 2006

Robot Rock

Sorry to abandon you, blahg. Last week was of those weeks. You know the type, where everything runs together and so that when recounting the past few days to a friend on the phone, fillers like, "blah blah blah," manage their way in there.

The strangest thing happens when you find a job that you like: It actually consumes your time so that you are really working at work. It's a novel concept, I know, and I'm very big right now on being loused up with my trade.

Of course, that leaves no time for trolling the web loooking for chops. Although a dear did send a link my way which kept me entertained for about 45 seconds. My favorite is this gem:

whorl. Help! I'm caught in a time
- Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel

I thought that was very clever.

It's almost as clever as the walking piece of sushi with life size chopsticks I ran into the other night. He/She was quite the standout among the store-bought super hero garb and "slut" wear of the moment.

Naturally, Halloween being the holiday I look forward to the most every year, I am not one to skimp out on a crafty costume. Saturday night was a dress rehearsal and tomorrow night will be the big blowout.

And the blah blah blah's? Let's see...last week was a couple nights of catch up with a visitor from North Carolina, a birthday party at a tea house, some music mixed in there somewhere, a one man show that was pretty damn close to brilliant, a Londoner who lost a scorpion ring in a dark bar, causing the entire place to scramble around on all fours, and another one of those art openings that makes you tilt your head and think, give me a break.


Anonymous jenna said...

toby! i have to pay like 5 bucks if i want to read that NY times article about halloween sluts! but i'm glad your blahg is back.

11:38 PM  

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