Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Living Proof

The other night, at a bar, I heard this story from a stranger, a friend of a friend, named Brian:
Brian's friend, we'll call her Sarah, was taking care of her friend's dog while she was away in the Bahamas. So Sarah went over to the apartment one afternoon to check on the dog. When she got to the apartment, she couldn't find the dog. She looked everywhere: she couldn't find the dog; she couldn’t find the dog; she couldn't find the dog. Finally, she found the dog. The dog was lying underneath the bed, dead.
Sarah didn't know what to do. She called a company in New York that specializes in freezing pets for up to two weeks after death. Sarah decided to take the dog to the repository until the owner came back from the Bahamas.
This proved to be problematic: how is she going to get the dog uptown to the freezing company? The dog was apparently very big and heavy, dead weight. So Sarah put the dog in a suitcase, on wheels, and dragged it to the train station.
At the train station, she was having a difficult time getting the suitcase down the stairs, as the dog was quite heavy. A man approached her and offered his assistance in bringing the suitcase down the stairs. Sarah accepted the favor and let the man help her down the stairs with the suitcase, which contained the dead dog. "This thing sure is heavy! What do you have in here?" he asked her.
Sarah didn't know what to say so she told him it contained everything she owned. The man took one look at Sarah, who was at that point quite frazzled, grabbed the suitcase and ran off into the night, dead dog in tote.

Now. The details of this story are rather hazy. It was told in a loud bar, as a second-hand account. I filled in a few of the details myself; I assigned a name to the girl who was house sitting for her friend on vacation. I don’t know the name of the dog or what kind of dog it was. Additionally, I was unable to find any such company in New York that specializes in dead pet freezing, which makes me wonder where exactly “Sarah” was going with her suitcase that contained the dead dog. What train station was “Sarah” at when her suitcase, containing the dead dog, was stolen by a man obviously strapped for cash? This story went from a second-hand (Brian) account to a third-hand (me). Now, it’s in my blog. If you (fourth-hand) were to recount the story to a friend of yours (fifth-hand), it would either lose several more details or grow completely new details. Except you read it on the Internet, from a blog no less. So does that turn this story into an urban myth?


Anonymous Mary said...

It could be eighteenth hand for all I care. That is one of the best stories I've ever read. However, this will haunt me every time I have to dog-sit.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Toby Shuster said...

yeah. 18th. the entire time he was telling that story, i was looking forward to the punch line, because i though it was a joke. but i'm pretty sure he was telling the truth because he was still shocked by the entire thing, as it just happened about a week ago. he's still waiting to hear back from "sarah" to see what happened when her friend got back from the bahamas. he was also dying to find out what happened to the dog and i was like, "dude. you're not going to hear anything more about the dog. the dog is gone."

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked at a country club last summer (2006) and one of the server's said it happened to her friend. She was very specific; saying the dog was a Golden Retreiver and it had died of old age. She called the family that was on vacation and they told her to take it to the vet so they could dispose of it properly.

Since she was in college (in Boston) and had no car...so she packed the carcass in a suitcase from the basement and dragged the bag to the T station. (T=subway in Boston.)

A man saw that she was struggling, so he offered to help carry it. Normally, she wouldn't have accepted help, but he was around her age and good-looking so she gave in, figuring he wouldn't know what was in the bag. He noticed the bag was heavy and asked her what was in it. She replied that it was electronics because she was moving from her dorm to an apartment. Before she finished speaking, he punched her in the stomach and ran away with the suitcase.

Imagine his face when he opened up the bag.

I know it's sick, but I found the story hilarious and told anyone that would listen. To my disappointment, my sister's friend googled the story and found out it was a legend. I think I'll continue to tell it though. It's too good to pass up.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have heard this story from 3 different people, all of them having been told by a friend and all of them believing it was true. the cities were different every time (montreal, toronto, boston). it is funny, but obviously not true.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work in London (UK) - My colleague recounted this story to us two weeks ago claiming it had happend to a sibling of her close friend - The women in question in our story was not called Sarah, the dog was a Dobreman, and the girl was taking it via tube to the local vets. She also claimed that there was computer equipment in the suitcase. Anyway - another colleague looked 'the story of the dead dog and the suitcase' up on google, and low and behold a wealth of versions of the 'urban legend' dating from 2006, and seemingly originating in America. The funniest thing of all is that the story has now made it's way into local press, being wriiten about in today's Metro (London commuters paper). In this version though the girls name is again Sarah, and a witness 'Liam Carling' apparently saw the whole event happen!!!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard the same story from a customs agent at the Toronto airport, whose friend was house-sitting, found the dog dead, called the vacationing owners, wrapped the dog in a blanket to take it to the vet in a taxi, the cabbie complained of the smell and refused to take them, so she put the dog in a suitcase and jumped on the subway. struggling with the suitcase, a man offers to help, asking what was so heavy inside. she replies that its her computer, then he runs off with it, leaving her empty handed. sounded too funny (and familiar) to be true... so i googled it, lo and behold its an urban myth.

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Film link:

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