Monday, May 14, 2007

Dump the Body in Rikki Lake


Just as I predicted: I turn 25 and the malfunctions start rolling in. I lost my voice for approximately three full days this week, think less Kathleen Turner and more Yoda. I never realized what a paraylsis it is to have no voice. All dramatics aside, I think it was a delayed hangover from the winter. My body is simply not conditioned to deal with this subarctic weather.Thankfully, though, I tend to keep company with people who talk a lot. Plus, I felt more like a true New Yorker than I ever have; when tourists stopped me on the street to ask for directions, I would huff right past them, completely ignoring their idiotic queries. I have noticed, however, that with the loss of voice, the inner monologue multiplies and I started to feel that rapid decline into my frumpiest middle age self (frazzled gray roots, my mother's dopey nightgowns).