Monday, May 07, 2007


I'd been waiting to see Bjork for at least ten years now. She's been the one contemporary artist in my rotation that I haven't gotten sick of over the years, probably because she's brilliant. And weird and beautiful and innovative and, fine, I have a crush. The ticket was last minute and very much appreciated. The venue was all the way up on 178th Street in an old, gilded church that is very beautiful, yet slightly lacking in acoustics. She had loads of people on stage with her (a backup orchestra/chorus, dressed in neon ensembles), including a couple of guest appearances (Antony), playing a solid mix of old (Pagan Poetry, Army of Me, Hunter, Immature, Bachelorette) and new (Earth Intruders, Wanderlust, Dull Flame of Desire), ending with an encore of Declare Independence, and dancing around the entire stage like a tie dyed, kimono-sleeved balloon, finishing each song with, "Thank Yooo!"


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