Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shapes of Things

Paris Je T'Aime is a film I could really get into, a collection of shorts by various directors offering their views on the city of Paris and the topic of love. But there is by no means a lovey-dovey film in the series. I'd never seen so many shorts lined up in a row like that and there were a few that I wish lasted a bit longer, some a bit shorter. I could have had less of Elijah Wood as a vampire, and more of Gus Van Sant's studly actor, more of the Coen Bros' befuddled Steve Buscemi, and less of the wacky hair product salesman, more of Juliette Binoche as a grieving *, and less of Wes Craven's take on Oscar Wilde. Almost all of the films have a melancholy hint of loss, adding to the beauty of the series, and vividly capture the chance encounters of life in a city.
*when typing this, i could not find a word for a mother who has lost her child, which strikes me as odd bc we have 'orphan' and 'widow' but nothing else.


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