Monday, May 07, 2007

The Train Kept A-Rollin'

Then! We were already in the Bronx, so we decided to stick around and watch the De La Hoya/ Mayweather fight because, honestly, what better place to watch a boxing match than the Bronx? We got some Cuban sandwiches to-go and headed to a buddie's bar, where they ordered me a Bronx Bomber, a blue concoction with about seven different types of alcohol. Again, I'd never watched a boxing match all the way through, but I have to say, it's ten times more exciting than baseball. Bing-Bang, it's over, none of this waiting around for five hours to get the final score. Thankfully, I'd seen Chavez the week before, so I knew where to place my bets. After the match, the bar immediately turned into a Spanish karaoke lounge, which was fine by us. Only in the Bronx, only in the Bronx.


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