Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow

The entire festival operates within a very distinct, slightly Marxist, class system, which can best be described by watching P Didddy walk down Main Street at four in the afternoon. As P Diddy (ruling class) walks down Main Street, he is surrounded by an entourage made up of about half a dozen people, probably stylists and PR folks (managers of production). While fans (consumers of the spectacle) crowd around him, stealing shots with their digital cameras, a Utah street cleaner (the proletariat) is standing by, to assure that P Diddy’s floor length white coat (the fetish of object, the commodity) remains spotless. The street seems to hold its silence in reverence of the hip-hop star, who is the only one making a sound as he deals with a very important phone call.

(Finish it.)


Blogger Franny said...

you're really good the blogging thing. and of course, you're brilliant at blahging. One of your best, I think -

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