Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Penduli Pendulum

So my old friend, Arthur, is one of those rare know-it-all's who really does know it all. You can ask him anything about anything and he knows the answer. And not only will he know the answer, but he will also deliver to you a thirty minute discourse on the topic at hand.

After deciding to put all of his know-it-allness to good use, Arthur launched an online magazine called Califerne. I know it's not the sharpest-looking website around, which I've told Arthur to his face, but it's a start.

To help him out with his online endeavor, I refashioned an old blahg entry into an actual article. It's covers Mudede's film about the guy who dies after having sex with a horse. Now titled ZOO, the film will premiere at the Sundance film festival next weekend, where yours truly will be in attendance with yet another dynamic old pal, Miss Katrina Price. More details to follow.


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