Friday, May 16, 2008

Small Town Talk


Well, blahg, I finally finished the LZ gig, and I’m here to report that it’s not always glitz and glam in Hollywood. For instance, there was one day when I was sent to pick up a lunch in Santa Monica, from a personal chef, and drive it to a restaurant in Beverly Hills. That’s right. And another time, I was in trouble for not keeping the office fridge stocked with the appropriate sized water bottles. All of this for someone who does not even know my name.

When I relay such anecdotes to friends and family, nobody believes it. But these acts no longer faze me, as I’ve come to realize that the people who run the film industry are a different species altogether. It’s fascinating that someone who can connect to the masses with a politician’s ease, with major Blockbuster pictures, doesn’t necessarily know how to relate to the low-lifes on an individual or day-to-day basis. Somewhere along the road to success, luxury becomes a necessity, and people here accept it. But I’m putting in my dues and the beat goes on.


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