Thursday, July 12, 2007

Look Through Any Window

It was pretty late at work the other night, when a song came on the server that grabbed my attention. It's the kind of 70's pop ballad that's always refreshing to hear after listening to what feels like an endless loop of Chromeo or whatever else the flavor of the month is in our office. I didn't think much of it, but my esteemed colleague, Andy aka the Beard, jumped up to investigate.

To an avid record collector like Andy, listening to a song without knowing the artist is sacrilegious. And to be fair, this really isn’t just any song. It’s eerie and catchy, a hard combination to master. When he came back to the editorial corner, he had the name of the band and song, along with a wild look in his eye. The band is old, but new.

A Raincoat, It Came in the Night.

We set out to do some quick research on the web, yielding sparse results in terms of Google hits, which deems the band obscure in my book. See this article, by a dude who spent seven years tracking down the unreleased single. To spend seven years looking for a song is a little much in my opinion, but I can sort of see what motivated the guy. It’s pretty tragic that a band that good could so easily float off into obscurity like that, especially when there is so much mediocre music/art that is so easily being released today.


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