Monday, February 26, 2007

Human Like A House

Lately, it feels like New York can’t decide if it wants to step into spring or not – one day it’s fine with 50 degrees, the next it’s snowing sideways. Not that this affects my outing habits, as I’ve never been one for hibernating. So last weekend was another thwarted, wayward trip out to Studio B, in the depths of Greenpoint, before heading back to Manhattan for the Pull-Out Method party at Club Midway, swooning for one last Locksley song. There was also a night spent at a Bulgarian bar, where we danced to Bulgarian techno underneath a grand chandelier and hanging underwear. And there was an afternoon at the Pulse Art Fair, where everything seemed to be pixelated (see: Girl With a Pearl Earring hanging upside down in spools of thread), and even the photography, protruding from the walls on slabs of wood, was anything but normal.


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