Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Last night we saw Paul F. Tompkins, of Mr. Show fame, perform at the UCB, which was funny enough to get me out of a Monday funk.

He wore a white suit with teal stripes, and manged to keep the audience entertained for over an hour, which is pretty hard to do just by talking.

He had just the right amount of personality and cursed just the right amount and used just the right amount of physical humor and current events and all that good stuff.

I mean, not everything was laugh-out-loud funny.

He did one bit about a talking ape that dragged on a little too long, in my opinion.

Yet for the most part, everybody was laughing the entire time.

Except for this bald guy who was sitting directly next to me-- he was not laughing at all. It was kind of funny, how much he was not laughing. To sit in a room, where everyone around you is in stiches, and not let a single peep drop out of your mouth. What kind of freak was I sitting next to for an hour and fifteen minutes?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that's from Stroszek. I love you Toby.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Toby Shuster said...

anonymous comments freak me out, who loves me??

9:29 PM  

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