Monday, August 14, 2006

Power Doesn't Run On Nothing

Last weekend, I watched Sonic Youth from the inside of an Olympic-sized swimming pool that hasn’t been filled with water since the Depression Era. McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn is one of my favorite music venues and I’ve been dying to see Sonic Youth play in New York. And it was wonderful. I wish the same could be said for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who, in some undignified fit of disrespect, played after Sonic Youth. Following Sonic Youth’s well practiced brilliance, and Kim Gordon’s edgy grace, Karen O looked like a fluorescent piñata pouncing around the stage in an act that could have stayed in 2003 for all I care.

There was also a rooftop party all the way up on West 96t, 16th floor, and a trannie karaoke club, Strawberry Fields in Central Park, a hefty lasagna dinner, Woody Allen's non-New York film, Scoop, lots of running around in between, and a Vespa ride through lower Manhattan that surprisingly turned out to be the calmest part of my weekend.


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