Monday, June 16, 2008

Candy Jail

There's no better cure for a Vegas hangover than watching the newly edited HBO Roman Polanski doc on a Sunday night with a carton of Thai take-out. The film, which takes the tone of a courtroom drama, is certainly riveting, since I never realized the full story behind Polanski's exile. But mostly it's just heartbreaking, Polanski's life that is. His beautiful wife was brutally murdered, he slept with a 13-year-old girl, and he couldn't even accept his Oscar in person.

And then I remembered a Craigslist ad that caught my eye when I first moved to LA. It's for a narrative feature that some sad-sack is trying to make, but the call-out captures the melancholy cast of Polanski's life.


Roman Polanski's Life Story
Looking for look alike actors:
Roman Polanski (Close to 40 yrs old & play youger and older roll) Sharon Tate Mia Farrow John Cassadetes Anton Lavey Angelica Houston (When she was young)
Also looking for 18 or 19 year old girl who can play a 13 year old look!
Must be non-union min $100 a day Must send picture and phone number

Modern Guilt

One boon to being all smitten with a film producer is getting to be a plus one at film festivals. Most recently, the boyf's movie, VISIONEERS, premiered at the Seattle Film Festival, and went on to show at Cinevegas. The film, starring Zach Galifianakis and Judy Greer, is a dark comedy about a world in which people are so unhappy that they start exploding. The story is a dystopian satire that's a cross between George Orwell and George Saunders, scored by the Polyphonic Spree and Tim DeLaughter. It's an awesome movie, and I'm not just saying that.

Seattle went well, despite the sub zero weather, and both screenings at the Egyptian sold out right away. It was also lovely catching up with long time friends and eating delicious homemade food. Vegas, on the other hand, was much jazzier. The opening night gala was held pool side, and everybody was abuzz when Britney Spears appeared. Although I'm not sure if she even knew she was there, as her eyes were glazed over and she moved at a snail's pace.

A better sighting, though, was when I talked to Dennis Hopper while we were waiting in line for coffee. He is very distinguished, slightly dismissive, and appreciated my suggestion of getting the blueberry muffin instead of the bear claw. Gotta hand it to him, since he's the only star I've heard of who gets his own coffee. The real highlight, however, was when I made $150 at Black Jack (after only putting down $10). It's all about knowing how to stop while you're ahead.