Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Too Too Fast

Putting Los Angeles on hold, I went to New York last weekend to celebrate the union of two dear old friends, Shaw and Celeste. Their wedding was held in upstate Sleepy Hollow territory, about 30 minutes outside of Albany. I’m talking real country here, and the wedding followed as suit.

The altar was set up in front of a rolling meadow, with cows and llamas waltzing around in the background, underneath a blue sky with cartoon-perfect clouds. The guests sat on hay bails and the party was held in a tent where we danced so hard that the ground quickly turned to mud. I think I only had about two hours of sleep the entire weekend. Now, I’m not ready for that kind of ending yet, but I hope all of my close ones marry soon because weddings serve as the ideal reunion of dear friends.


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