Monday, August 13, 2007



The highlight of last weekend was a trip out to P.S.1 in Queens, whatta cool space. The galleries, presented by MoMA, feature photo collages, skeletal installations, neon abstractions, and narrative linocuts. We missed the James Turrell exhibit, unfortunately, because it’s only open for a short time right at sunset. And the music was okay, but the dancing was even better, with hundreds and hundreds of people crowded into a single courtyard.

At one point, I felt a shower of water and looked up, expecting rain. But the sky was cloudless and the water was only falling on a select group of people. Turns out that we were standing directly under a collection of water buckets and, while my first inclination was to move to another location, I decided that the mini showers were refreshing. So we stayed in that spot. It was quite a natural thing to do, although it seems a little strange now in the telling.


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