Monday, May 15, 2006

Energy Fools The Magician

How do you do it, New York? I thought I was supposed to be all jaded by now, but yet again, you presented me with another gratifying weekend. Friday night was the Mogwai show, one of the holiest concert experiences you can get, without shelling out $2,000 for a Radiohead ticket. Afterwards, there were offers of parties and Brit Pop, but anything after Mogwai would be a letdown, so I opted for an early evening.

Saturday....I headed over to one of my favorite weekend cohort's, where we listened to a SUMMER '06 mix...well, mainly we kept Gnarls Barkely on repeat...and we probably would have stayed in all night, dancing around a tiny living room, if we didn't remember it was Saturday...and then we were off and going...even though all of our destinations were within the span of two blocks, it was still an escapade...there was Arlene's Grocery....some burlesque birthday party at the Slipper Room....and the Comic Shack...where it was useful to be traveling with a team of graphic designers, allowing me to play the old transfer-the-stamp-to-the-hand-trick...because let me tell you, the thump thump thump music was not at all worth ten

Sunday, I met up with another visiting Seattle darling at the most delectable wine bar, that I only just discovered, even though it's five blocks from my apartment. Then we saw Army of Shadows, which you guys have to see. For the New Yorkers, go see it tonight, because it's only playing for one more day at the Film Forum, and my Seattlites, I dunno, maybe it'll be at SIFF?

Seriously, though, New York. I hate to sound ungrateful, but it's almost June and I'm freezing. When does summer start around here?

Oh, and even though it's Monday, don't forget to laugh.


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